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Mari Hiraga's first overseas solo exhibition will start next year.
I think this year 2020 was an extraordinary and tough year all over the world due to the novel coronavirus infection.
For me, it starts with changes of the exhibition space, adjusting the exhibition plan due to that, changing the exhibition method due to repeated postponement of the exhibition period and being unable to go to Taiwan, adjustment due to air transportation delay, etc. Depending on the situation, it took me just before the start of the exhibition, and I was chased by time and repeated adjustments.

It is very important to make adjustments flexibly in any situation, and due to the fact that it did not go according to schedule, I was able to exhibit the latest work using new original materials that were not completed at the time of summer. It was a plus for me to be able to exhibit new works immediately, and I thought it was good as a result.

In Japan, the infection situation is still unsettled, but such a difficult life will not last a lifetime.

Since early complete termination is the best economic measure, I would like to think about what I can do to protect my loved ones so as not to spread the infection.

Only a little bit left of this year. It's still cold and dry (in Japan), so please adjust the indoor humidity and love yourself.

I look forward to working with you next year.

( 2020.12.31 )

Message from The Artist

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Hello, everyone. I am Mari Hiraga.
Instead of greeting in Taiwan due to the novel coronavirus infection, I am sending comments in this way.
How are you all doing?

Regarding this Flower Visage exhibition, when I received a request to hold my solo exhibition, I thought I would incorporate the contents I wanted to do because it was held in Taiwan.
When I thought about what Taiwan and Japan had in common, the first thing that came to my mind was that they were both islands surrounded by the sea.

So the first theme was "water". And there is the word "tomoe" in Japanese words related to water. In addition, the traditional Japanese performing art "Noh" also has a performance called Tomoe, and "memory" was the second theme from the image I received from this story.

In this way, I am trying to fuse art and Noh, and as a new story unique to Mari Hiraga from Noh Tomoe, I project the world of reason brought about by existence with impermanence into the work as an afterglow flower.
I would like you to see my homepage for the details of the concept, but I feel that these thoughts have something in common with us who live in the novel coronavirus peril.

Memory is "Kasugai".
If it is a life in which water flows, memory is Kasugai.
The Kasugai is a U-shaped large nail that holds two timbers together, but I think it is memory that plays the role of carefully connecting two or more objects together.

In this exhibition, there are many works that incorporate new materials and expressions, and various looks are embedded in the works, so I hope that you will actually visit the venue and take a closer look.

And so, please enjoy the universe of Mari Hiraga and the world view of the Flower Visage.
See you!

( 2020.12.31 )

Memory is Bond

Flower Visage

Consciousness acknowledges existence
Existence comes from recognition

( 2020.12.26 )

Dear Humans

I will say it again.

( 2020.9.4 )


(繁體中文 ver.)







( 2020.6.21 )

The Harmony of Art and Noh Theater*
Summary of the Exhibition
Exhibition “FLOWER VISAGE” by Mari Hiraga fuses contemporary art with Noh which is a form of Japanese traditional performing arts.
This exhibition consists of two parts. One is an installation titled Flower Visage which represents a memory of the last remaining flower seen. It is made of clear FRP and metal. The others are different sizes in various materials, mainly metal.
The work, Flower Visage, is linked with the world view of Tomoe*, a Noh piece, and presented as Hiraga’s original new story. Along with impermanence, it reflects the world of reason brought by existence in the form of drops.
The sculptor questions precious memories, responsibilities of being and the value of each individual, and proposes life with arts which changes and coexists with people.

Greatly impressed by her first Noh viewing experience in 2006, Hiraga discovered in it the ultimate aesthetic and elegance of Japan. With regular visits to the theater the creator continues to be mesmerized by its world.
This has led the artist to create pieces of sculpture with a Noh theme.
The first was “Be a stone” which was presented in the first solo sculpture exhibition in 2016. The second is “Flower Visage” which will be exhibited in this show. The event will hold with Hiraga’s original musical composition performed on Nohkan*.

*Noh Theater: A Japanese traditional performance art which is a combination of theater and dancing, it incorporates various props, including masks (Omote) – worn by the main actor (Shite).

*Tomoe: A Noh theater about Tomoe-Gozen, a female samurai who served Minamoto no Yoshinaka (1154–1184).
One of the traditional Japanese comma-shaped patterns, also a generic term for crests in which these patterns were used. Due to its relation to water, it came to be used as an emblem (Kamon) on the eaves of buildings in the late Heian period (10th–11th century) to ward off fires. Later used widely in Shinto shrines.

*Nohkan: A Transverse flute used for accompaniment of Noh theater and other performing arts. It has an unusual internal bore restriction of about 2–3 mm called a nodo, gives its unique high pitched sound that is rich with high frequency harmonics.

Statement of the Artist
Water and Mind
Life means a series of choices.
Determination not to regret comes from the sensible efforts of imagination.
It is also the wisdom of human beings.
Life means will is not always the answer.
It is ever-changing, directionless, like clouds, and like rivers.
Life means the conscious opportunity of discovering beauty.
A memory of the last remaining flower seen stays in human minds forever as an afterimage.
A memory of shadows in the water is lively minds which will not be taken away by anyone.

Richness of Creativity
Feeling the aesthetic consciousness, inspired imagination and five senses, unique movements and stillness, beauty in each moment, ever-changing shapes, pleasant world of mysterious profundity and lingering memory floating which goes beyond time and space, a healing, spiritual elevation, wrapped in rich spirituality, not simply something new.
These are the creativity the sculptor is looking for.

Meaning of Life
COVID-19 took away normal life from all over the world.
It is a chance to reconsider the impermanence of the world, life, and future.
Coincidentally it is also linked with the concept of this exhibition.
It is the Mari Hiraga’s opportunity to think about the meaning of life now as one being on this earth.

( 2020.5.4 )

2 U who are upon the cloud

Adore | Prince

Until the end of time
I'll be there for you
You own my heart and mind
I truly adore you
If God one day struck me blind
Your beauty I'll still see
Love is too weak to define
Just what you mean to me

( 2020.4.21 )


( 2020.2.23 )


( 2020.2.19 )

Finally Arrived

I offered strips of paper that was exhibited in Germany last year to make a bonfire at a shrine.

I was planning to take it to the shrine by the beginning of the year, but the arrival of my package used at the exhibition, including the strips of paper, was considerably delayed by the German shipping company. I and the plan.d. members contacted several times, and the package, which would normally arrive in eight days, finally arrived on January 31 in two months.

Unfortunately, I couldn't share the bonfire’s sights to the Germans, but I heard that it is being done, not open to the public as appropriate, in addition to New Year's ceremony.

May your wishes come true.

( 2020.2.12 )

Happy New Year !!!

May this year be happy and fulfilling.

( 2020.1.1 )

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