In the doubled-exhibition in Germany, I met plan.d. members, exhibition partner Wolfgang, and many other people.
Strolling near the gallery on the day I arrived in Germany, I happened to meet a portrait painter had been painting a portrait of Prince and had a good time until the day before I left for Berlin.

Also, I met a woman who appreciated my exhibition at a later date near the gallery, and by her suggestion she later took for me to various places, such as Wuppertal, Cologne, Bruhl, Remagen, and the Chinese artist vernissage.
And then we had talked various stuff about art.

In addition, she introduced me to her friend who lives in Berlin, and I was able to stay at the house of the married couple were warmly welcomed, and various encounters created new encounters.

And I'm really happy that the exhibition and all my experiences will lead to the future.

Finally, in this exhibition, Christian and Maria especially took care of me.
I appreciate Christian, Maria, other plan.d. members, Uschi, and all the people involved in this exhibition.

( 2019.12.31 )


movie icon Exhibition Video

It is a exhibition video of my installation art "PERSONA" that I displayed in Düsseldorf from October 12th, 2019.

( 2019.12.31 )

Private Viewing

I went to a private viewing of Ryonosuke Shimomura Exhibition at BB Plaza Museum of Art in Kobe.

I received a ceramic work, vessel for replenishing inkstone water, of the painter Ryonosuke Shimomura (1923-1998) into my home as my art collection.
Thank you so much, O san.

( 2019.11.19 )

Opening Party

Our exhibition has been started on 12th October.

To opening party photos Opening Party | Photo Gallery

( 2019.10.17 )

Artist Statement

for PERSONA Exhibition

I am Mari Hiraga, a sculptor from Japan.
I, and also an artist named Wolfgang Schmidt, who share a common interest based on the motif of "human", have been looking forward to this exhibition.

Concerning my works, based on this notion, I focus on expressing the human world through various technical media for organic spatial presentation.

Humans live by putting their own spirituality, individuality, inner self, and mental mask on the surface.

These all have many sides to be kept secret, are necessary protectors when it comes to living, and to some people, a way for them to be themselves.

And so I believe, that this connects to giving yourself respect.

However, the meaning of "respect yourself", is not comparing yourself to others and putting others down, not building walls, and by respecting yourself, your heart will have the luxury of accepting of others.
I think this type of heart can connect to things such as mental borderless, genderless and other diversity approvals.

( 2019.10.12 )

Arrangements with Mr. Schmidt

Today, Mr. Schmidt and his wife came to the gallery, we talked about the displaying.
And it was decided that we’ll display the homage sculptures for each other’s countries one by one together.
I’m looking forward to it from now.

( 2019.9.30 )

To Essen

Maria of the plan.d. member, her husband and me went to the student’s exposition of the Zollverein School of Management and Design at Essen, viewed works of Maria’s recommendation student and so on.
This school’s architecture was designed the Japanese architect unit, SANAA.

( 2019.9.26 )

Starting to create

I arrived at Düsseldorf on 22nd September, I’m creating sculptures using a plan.d. member Christian’s atelier from 23rd September.

( 2019.9.23 )


( 2019.5.24 )

Decided a Partner

It has been decided the partner who is a matched Germany artist, Mr. Wolfgang Schmidt, by gallery side, the doubled-exhibition in Düsseldorf is held from October this year.

Art style and concept is different between him and me of course, but there are common points of the pruned expression of human etc, we think it gives good contrast.

I'll cherish this valuable chance as interacting exhibition between Germany and Japan.
I intend to reach to be the exciting exhibition with him.

( 2019.5.14 )

No Prince, No Life

Free | Prince

Be glad that U r free
Free 2 change your mind
Free 2 go most anywhere, anytime
Be glad that U r free
There's many a man who's not
Be glad 4 what U had baby, what you've got

( 2019.4.21 )


Would that I could go boating
With you again
Beautiful reflection of the moonlight
In the clean water
Like that day

( 2019.4.17 )

To Kanazawa for my solo exhibition

- Reserch for Planning -


I went to Kanazawa in a hurry because I really wanted to watch the "Tomoe" of Noh program any day now.
And I joined the Kanazawa Noh museum's event "Shautai" on the way for the first time.
Shautai is that to transcription of the Noh chanting, it was really difficult but I enjoyed a view of the world of Noh.

( 2019.2.3 )

Kenrokuen for the first time in a while

I revisited since when I was skimmed off from university and joined to the Kanazawa contemporary sculpture exhibition, I remembered my university days and felt a longing for it.

A presentation method was excellent, the color arrangement was so simple.
The lit up Kenrokuen was so fantastic!

( 2019.2.2 )


I found my favorite facility D.T. Suzuki Museum where is when I go to Kanazawa from now on, I'll definitely drop in here.
When I realized I was very hungry so I reluctantly left to eat lunch for a while but otherwise I was there from the opening to the closing time.
I was concerning on reading and speculating for next solo exhibition, I had an extremely beneficial time.

( 2019.2.2 )

Happy New Year !!!

May this year be happy and prosperous.

( 2019.1.1 )

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