Now that I think again

Think about things myself

Believe in myself

I just do with responsibility what I want

I open my life on my own

Never fit and be pressed into any boxes of others

Have my own opinion

And open my own true colors

Even if it’s a detour, steep path

But that’s just a reason for living that I’m able to live satisfactory my way living

And I should be able to live to express myself freely and deeply

And it may actually be the best shortcut ultimately

I have once drawn up a determination to my former teacher in high school

I remember sending the letter written a resembling above content to the teacher

Now that I think over it at that time

Raise myself

Raise my works

Nothing more

( 2017.11.30 )

Media Coverage|ARTcollectors' November 2017 issue

On sale: 2017.10.25

My new sculpture "Aurora" has been appeared in an art magazine "ARTcollectors'."

"Aurora" is that you can enjoy rusts have various colors just like Aurora. The rusts were invented by me using my original coloring method.

The current issue featuring sculptures, meaty in contents and very interesting.

ARTcollectors' official web site ARTcollectors'

( 2017.11.1 )

U're the only one

( 2017.8.15 )

Installation Checking

@晶英國際行館 SILKS CLUB

I went to the hotel, Silks Club, at Kaohsiung, for installation checking of my works after Art Formosa 2017 of artfair.

The hotel's CEO show me around, interior design was elaborated an artistic plan.

Especially the spiral staircase made of steel using a technique of shipbuilding is so great.
If I remember correctly, this one link from Dassai Bar of sake bar to Ukai of Japanese-style restaurant.

And lights are changed into seven colors depending on the time slot at the restaurant & lounge on the top floor, facial expression of inner wall is changed by sunlight, metal board with holes can cast attractive shadows at 1F entrance, the inner wall looks like textile, and the 4 types gilding inner wall, etc...
Besides that, there are a sauna, pool and gym, it was a great hotel that heals visitors both mind and body.

And I can check my bracket lights.
They are installed at the poolside, water of pool looks vivid sky blue, it's a great location and so beautiful scene.

Coloring of the lights was used Japanese ink, and the light bulbs are easy on the eyes.
Light bulb glow yellow in the body's color of elegant lustrous deep black.

And image of design is the infinity mark "∞", actually.

Coincidentally enough, I was ordered these works from CEO directly, it was in Infinity Japan 2017 of artfair.
So I was surprised when I realized that.

In the end, I'm looking forward to seeing my works of perfect state.

晶英國際行館 SILKS CLUB 公式ウェブサイト 晶英國際行館|SILKS CLUB

( 2017.7.3 )


Dear One

Do you remember me?
I'm the Mitochondrial Eve

Many things are always happening in various places even now

I can't understand acts such like hurting others that only for your own benefits

Don't justify yourself anymore

All are connected by invisible threads from our first birth

To trap others means to look down on yourself

Let's end futile battles

With tolerances
To you that the determination to say YES
To you that the courage to say No to injustices

Kindness and strength to you

There is no rejected world there

Each one gets your own world like a clear water mirrorr

After that

The secret of life pours above pure One

( 2017.3.24 )

Mari Hiraga@Taipei

From Infinity Japan To SILKS CLUB


From Japan To Kaohsiung

It was decided that Mari Hiraga's original bracket lights will be installed permanently at a hotel of 5-star rating, Silks Club, is under construction in Kaohsiung.

( 2017.3.2 )

Art fair of overseas for a first time@Taipei

Infinity Japan × Mari Hiraga

Thank you for coming to Infinity Japan 2017.

( 2017.3.2 )

Happy New Year !!!

( 2017.1.1 )

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