picked out sculpture


Aluminum, Others / 2500×2000×2100(mm) / 2021


“In the end, humans are all interested in ‘humans’.” Based on this notion, I focus on expressing the “human world” through sculptures, installations, paintings and various technical media for organic spatial presentation.
Paying respect to Japanese classics such as the traditional drama Noh, I reexamine Japanese beauty and aim to create a new form of Japanese culture where its core and my identity co-exist.


I project the “human world”, such as the form, emotion, mind, life of people through “flowers” that I express.
Occasionally they are metaphors of the supernatural, time or universe, which also link to the world of humans.

I also make copper sculptures and have them generate rust of various colors.

Different from the rust of steel which grow fragile, the characteristic of the rust of copper is that it increases its firmness. Rust is alive and gradually grows over time, differently depending on the surrounding environment. I believe the process and the changing appearance share in common with human life.

As humans age and grow, so does the artwork. They co-exist.

Art which brings different sensations to the spectator, daily, depending on the state of mind—I aim for art with such depth, focusing on space, seeking to bring the best out of each material.

I would like spectators to experience freely this minimal, tranquil and yet dynamic space of art through their individual eyes.

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