Confirmation of exhibition space

@205 gallery|ALIEN Art Centre

My solo exhibition will be held at ALIEN Art Centre where renovated from a historic building, grand opened at Kaohsiung in Taiwan on November 28, 2018.

I’m highly honored to be the first artist to display at a space, 205 gallery, in this facility where is being remodeled from a simple break room to a display room.

I’m getting up a plan in a big hurry for the exhibition will be a great show.

By the way, work of James Turrell is displayed in this facility now until March 2019.

I hope you enjoy exhibitions with mine.

( 2018.12.23 )

Meeting again to my works

@VIP lounge|ALIEN Art Centre

The next morning of meeting at Silks Club, I left Silks Club for ALIEN Art Centre by a courtesy car. And the CEO and staff showed me around at ALIEN Art Centre.

My works were displayed on a shelf of VIP lounge that I handed over before.
Moreover, I realized a book, Talking to Myself, of Yohji Yamamoto who I really love the fashion designer on the next space of being my works.
Actually I was wearing the Yohji Yamamoto, so this book's existance made me feel exhilarated, the CEO was surprising by my appearance.

( 2018.12.19 )

Meeting of new projects

@Silks Club 28F

I went to have a meeting about new projects with the hotel’s CEO, her staff and me.
The contents in this meeting made me surprised and glad, because she was preparing the planned exhibition for me.

( 2018.12.18 )

My original Bracket Lights

@Silks Club 16F

I visited the five-star hotel, Silks Club, at Kaohsiung in Taiwan for a meeting.
And then two company staff guided me as an art tour, I can check condition of my bracket lights in the flow of this tour.

The last time I went this hotel that I just do advanced installation checking in 2017, so this time I can show my bracket lights at least in completely space.

( 2018.12.18 )

Awarded Prize

Jury Prize, Young Creators Award 2018

( 2018.11.23 )

Open New Ground

Tie-up, Passion and I
I thank the people who like my works

Coming in 2019, I'll set foot on new soil
To Düsseldorf, Germany !!

( 2018.10.28 )


To be able to feel that sky is beautiful,
it may be because a precious flower is been finding in own heart.

And then,

it may become a flower of own colors.

( 2018.5.5 )

We ❤️ U Eternally

My Love Is Forever | Prince

You are the only thing that keeps me goin'
You are the only thing that keeps my love alive
You are the only thing that I'll ever need
You don't have to worry, you see,
my love is forever

( 2018.4.21 )

Splendor of time

Mari Hiraga's bracket light @ 16F, Silks Club

The blacket light "Splendor of time" is installed at the five-star hotel, Silks Club, at Kaohsiung in Taiwan.

The bracket light is designed in the motif of the infinity symbol "∞" using Japanese lamp soot ink “Yuenboku” to color its body.
The light bulb glows yellow in the elegant and tranquil deep black.

Splendor of time;
Colors our infinite ways
With perpetual brilliance

I created this piece hoping the perpetual brilliance in the endless flow of time.

( 2018.3.10 )

Infinity Japan 2018

@Taiwan | Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei

It has been decided that I will participate an art fair, Infinity Japan, this year too.

( 2018.1.15 )

Happy New Year !!!
May this year be happy and fruitful.

( 2018.1.1 )

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